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IMC Logistics and Fenix Marine Services collaborate to launch fully clean energy SmartStack

IMC Logistics and Fenix Marine Services (FMS) have joined forces to operate the supply chain industry's first fully clean energy SmartStack. This groundbreaking initiative launched on June 4. FMS segregated and stacked the containers designated for the IMC SmartStack at their terminal using their H2 fuel cell top-pick handler. IMC drivers then picked up and delivered containers using their fleet of zero-emission vehicles. This collaboration highlights the industry's commitment to reducing carbon emissions while ensuring efficient and sustainable logistics operations.

The SmartStack process itself is a clean one. Drivers self-assign the most available container vs. a specific one. This means fewer unproductive lifts for terminal operators and less time waiting for the driver.

In addition to achieving environmental objectives, customers also benefit from shorter wait times.  "IMC SmartStacks improve the process for shippers, drivers and the industry," said Mason George, President of National Accounts at IMC. "With this solution, we're able to offer our customers a sustainable way to evacuate containers from the terminal, while quickly delivering their containers in just two days or less."

The State of California recently passed the Advanced Clean Fleets Rule, requiring trucking companies that provide drayage services to adopt an increasing amount of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) to their fleets. By 2035, the law says all trucks entering seaports or intermodal rail yards must be ZEVs. IMC is currently running electric and H2 trucks ahead of the mandate, with the goal of transitioning their fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2028.