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Green power-to-ammonia plant operating in highly dynamic mode

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Martin Petersen, Head of Sales in Denmark for ABB. The conversation covered the development of its dynamic green power-to-ammonia plant alongside Danish companies Skovgaard Energy, Vestas and Haldor Topsoe in Lemvig and the benefits of operating a dynamic plant.

High-quality, low-risk energy transition to H2

Managing the energy transition to H2 requires considering the complex impact H2 can have on any pipeline network. For example, are pipeline staff able to reskill quickly enough to operate a pipeline transporting H2 blends? Can security of supply be maintained while also accommodating changes in demand?

Modifying an engine manufacturer company to excel in zero-emissions technologies

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Alan Zhao, New Power Director - Africa & Middle East for Accelera by Cummins, about the role of Accelera in reducing Scope 3 emissions, Cummins’ Destination Zero strategy and Accelera’s zero-emissions technologies for the commercial vehicle industry.

Reducing the investment and energy costs needed for industrial-scale green H2 production

In this episode, H2Tech met with Marty Neese, CEO of Verdagy, about leveraging industry-leading current densities with a wide dynamic operating range to maximize H2 production. The conversation covers Verdagy's patented water electrolysis technology, its Moss Landing, California pilot plant and the impact of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act.

Converting heavy-duty vehicles to run on H2 and diesel with co-combustion technology

In this episode, H2Tech met with Ilya Radetski, Service Delivery Lead for Hydra, to discuss Hydra's H2-as-a-service model, converting heavy-duty trucks to run on H2 and diesel, H2 refueling stations and much more.

Water treatment and quality requirements for green H2 production

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Cory Marcon, Industry Manager for Power and Energy at Endress+Hauser, about the quality requirements of water and preparations that must be considered to produce green H2, different water requirements based on the electrolyzer technology, technologies available for critical measurements of green H2 and much more.

Advancing the development of H2 for transport in the UK

In this episode, H2Tech spoke with Scott Chudleigh, Hydrogen Business Development Manager, BOC (a Linde company), about advancing the development of H2 for transport, boosting the innovation and investment landscape surrounding H2 infrastructure and critical steps the UK needs to take to deploy H2 at scale.

Addressing the top three communications vulnerabilities of H2 processors

Three areas tend to be particularly vulnerable when it comes to land mobile radio communications for H2 processing applications: turnarounds, disaster-based outages and dead zones can be weak links in otherwise strong networks.

The hydrogen delivery company: Getting H2 from point A to point B

In this episode, H2Tech sat down with Rinaldo Brutoco, CEO and CTO of H2C. The conversation covers the H2C's H2 delivery technologies, including the pipeline-in-the-sky, pipe-within-a-pipe and hydrogen depot. Rinaldo also discusses avoiding stranded assets during the energy transition.

Scaling green H2 production with high-power rectifiers

In this episode, we sat down with Brandon Spencer, President of ABB Energy Industries and Andrew Stuart, President of Hydrogen Optimized. The discussion covers the challenge of scaling new H2 technologies, ABB's high-power rectifiers and how it complements Hydrogen Optimized's large-scale electrolyzers and decarbonizing hard-to-abate industries.

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