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RONN signs joint venture LoI with Hydrogen Horizons

RONN, Inc. has signed an LoI to form a joint venture (JV) with its long-time friends at Hydrogen Horizons. The purpose of the JV is to work together and further enhance the commercialization of H2 around the globe. H2H advances hydrogen storage and H2 cooling systems.

Ronn Ford, CEO of RONN, Inc., stated that we bring years of experience in consulting and providing R/D on various applications of H2H patented products. Our goal is to support H2H and incorporate as many of its products into our FCEVs as possible, as well as improve our expected H2 hub projects. Ronn added that the patented storage solutions could extend the range of our H2 logistic vehicles.

Harry McGregor and Willian Lloyd, principals with Hydrogen Horizons, stated they were pleased to be partnering with their long-time friend Ronn Ford. We are already working with RONN, Inc. to provide vehicles for our Barbados project, and they also added that we will be introducing and working to bring RONN, Inc. into our many other projects globally. As this LoI moves to a completed JV, we hope to add others to the agreement that are synergistic with H2; our network could produce other agreements for RONN, Inc.