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Plug and Uline expand partnership to supply H2 and fuel cells at four additional sites

Plug Power and Uline have announced their expanded partnership to deploy Plug’s H2 infrastructure and fuel cell solutions at Uline’s new campus in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This expanded partnership includes the integration of onsite H2 infrastructure with the installation of an 18,000-gallon H2 storage tank and 17 H2 dispensers to service four distribution centers within the campus. The partnership also includes the addition of 250 fuel cell forklifts that will operate on H2 generated onsite through Plug’s state-of-the-art infrastructure.

“When we first partnered with Plug, fuel cells were still in their infancy,” said Wade Goff, Director of Redistribution. “They’ve made our associates more productive because refueling is faster and easier than changing a battery. H2 is a good match with Uline’s three operating principles: Speed, Passion and Operational Excellence.”

Plug’s H2 infrastructure to support the entire campus is set to be commissioned and fully operational within the next ten months, with the first new distribution center on the campus slated to be completed this year. Uline plans to construct three more buildings over the next several years as part of the strategic campus build out.

“The ongoing expansion of our 8-yr partnership with Uline stands as a testament to the remarkable impact our H2 and fuel cell technology has on material handling operations,” said CEO, Andy Marsh. “Given Uline’s business strategy of same day turn-around, productivity and predictability are important and are key benefits that Plug’s fuel cell solutions deliver to Uline.”

The collaboration between Plug and Uline began in 2015 at Uline’s distribution center near its 200-acre corporate campus in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Over the past 8 yr, Uline has used Plug’s fuel cell solutions in its operations, operating 270 fuel cell forklifts between their six facilities. With this expanded partnership, Uline will operate a total of 520 fuel cells and 34 dispensers across ten facilities, making them one of the largest Plug customers.