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Patriot Hydrogen moves forward with waste-to-energy project

Climate-tech waste-to-energy project developer, Patriot Hydrogen Limited, is moving forward with its biomass clean energy project just outside Sydney in New South Wales, which is expected to be commissioned in 2024 and be the first-of-its-kind in Australia.

The project will take the wood waste from an operating timber sawmill and convert it to renewable electricity and biochar through its state-of-the-art pyrolysis system. The timber mill is providing the land for Patriot to construct the plant and has signed a long-term offtake power purchase agreement to buy the zero carbon-clean electricity, helping it reduce energy costs and emissions.

Patriot’s management team has signed & secured a series of agreements for the delivery of the plant. Project status:

  • Plant design and fabrication complete
  • Land secured and lease signed
  • Civil work drawings submitted
  • Council and local government engaged
  • Power offtake agreement has been signed
  • Wood waste feedstock supply agreement has been signed
  • The carbon credits program is discussed and ready to design.

The system will produce biochar as a byproduct which is a stable form of carbon and allows the project to qualify for carbon removal credits which are currently trading around the world at over $500/t. The Biochar will be sold locally to be used in farming and agriculture as a soil enhancer. Patriot designs and develops bespoke clean waste-to-energy projects for its customers, and has existing projects being developed across APAC and in the United Kingdom.

“Our mission revolves around the deployment of waste-to-energy facilities utilizing biomass and other waste streams, which will play a pivotal role in breaking the chains of fossil fuel dependency and ushering in an era of clean, green, and renewable fuels, as well as zero-carbon power,” said Patriot Hydrogen Group CEO, Glenn Davies.

“At the heart of our innovation lies a sophisticated pyrolysis process to generate multiple high-value revenue streams. These can include renewable electricity generation, biodiesel, biochar, and carbon credits, as well as future fuels such as green H2, bio-methanol, or green ammonia.”

Patriot believes its highly-customized energy solutions and experienced management team gives it a competitive advantage in the climate tech industry. “What sets Patriot apart is our dynamic team, armed with an extensive reservoir of technical expertise and project delivery acumen. Every Patriot project is meticulously planned with the utmost precision to maximize outcomes, effectively reducing carbon footprints, and ensuring long-term sustainability for our valued customers.”

“In an era where the global community is striving to achieve net-zero emissions targets, Patriot’s solutions-oriented approach is a frontrunner in the quest for decarbonization across industries.”

Patriot Hydrogen is in the process of finalizing the delivery details of the project and is working towards implementation.