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Technip Energies adds Casale’s ATR technology to deliver large-capacity H2 solutions

Technip Energies, in partnership with Casale, adds advanced autothermal reforming (ATR) technology to Blue H2 by T.EN, its unique suite of fully-integrated, low-carbon H2 solutions. It is part of Capture.Now, its strategic platform for CCUS delivering technology and solutions from a single provider tailored to meet clients’ specific decarbonization and performance needs.

Launched by Technip Energies (T.EN) in 2022, Blue H2 by T.EN™ is a suite of fully integrated, cost-efficient and low-carbon H2 solutions. As a global leader in H2, Technip Energies has recently added oxidative reforming-based technologies in partnership with Casale to its extensive range of proprietary steam methane reforming (SMR) technology solutions.

Casale’s ATR combined with Technip Parallel Reformer (TPR) and carbon capture is a cost-effective way to produce low-carbon H2 at large-scale with optimized steam production.

ATR is a game-changing technology as it breaks the upper capacity limit of traditional H2 plants, which were economically constrained by the size of the SMR, and enables large-capacity, ultra-blue H2 production with up to 99% carbon capture rate.

Tailored to meet clients’ specific decarbonization and performance needs, Blue H2 by T.EN™ comprises the proven building blocks required to create optimal low-carbon H2 solutions and deliver them with increased performance and project certainty. Resulting in the best possible levelized cost for blue H2 with the lowest carbon footprint regardless of plant feedstock, reforming type or plant capacity.

Loic Chapuis, SVP Gas & Low-Carbon Energies of Technip Energies, said, “Our partnership with Casale means that Technip Energies, as a top-tier player with advanced ATR and SMR technologies, can provide its clients with a fully integrated solution to meet their decarbonization and performance goals at any scale and type of H2 plant.”

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