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KBR’s H2ACT H2 technology selected for commercial ammonia cracking unit

KBR has been awarded a license and engineering design contract by Hanwha Impact Corporation for its commercial ammonia cracking unit using KBR’s leading H2ACT technology in Daesan, Republic of Korea.

In this largest capacity ammonia cracking plant announced to date, clean H2 will serve a planned power plant in Daesan, paving the way for large-scale sustainable H2 utilization. Ammonia cracking, the process to convert transported ammonia back to H2, is a key enabler to achieving the world’s decarbonization target.

Under the terms of the contract, KBR will provide technology licensing and proprietary engineering design for the unit, which will be designed to deliver over 200 metric tpd of clean H2 as fuel.

“We are honored to be selected by Hanwha for this flagship project, which will accelerate the realization of their decarbonization targets and play a vital role in Korea’s national sustainability objectives,” said Doug Kelly, President, Technology, KBR. “KBR’s breakthrough ammonia cracking technology, H2ACT, delivers a reliable and holistic solution for large-scale, efficient, and sustainable H2 production.”

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