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Sydrogen Energy and Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology enter into strategic partnership

Shanghai H2 Propulsion Technology (SHPT) and Sydrogen Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the premises of SHPT. Dr. Shi Xu, Chairman of Nanofilm Technologies International Limited (Nanofilm) and Sydrogen, and Lu Bingbing, General Manager of SHPT, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties, witnessed by Gary Ho, CEO of Nanofilm and Lu Zuming, General Manager of Sydrogen in China. 

According to the agreement, both parties will capitalize on their respective technical advantages, marketing channels and after-sales service resources, to further increasing market penetration into Southeast Asia, Europe and America, and jointly developing sales and services of fuel cell stacks, systems and components, providing in-depth services and competitive solutions to meet the diverse needs of different fields such as on-road automotive and non-automotive applications.

Sydrogen is a joint venture between Nanofilm and Temasek Holdings. Sydrogen develops and produces metallic bipolar plate with its unique coating technology, with excellent ion-leaching prevention properties, which enables the fuel cell to withstand demanding operating conditions and helps to maximize the lifespan and performance of fuel cell system. This product has passed the technical test and is certified by SHPT.

Sydrogen will act as a strategic partner to supply components to support SHPT in delivering high-quality fuel cell performance stacks product. Sydrogen has a team of experienced international engineering and technical experts, with system integration and application capabilities of H2 energy products, and realization of R&D and system application of core components.