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NTPC to establish H2 fueling station in India

Toward achieving Carbon-Neutral Ladakh, NTPC is setting up H2 fueling station, solar plant and providing 05 Nos fuel cell buses for operation on intracity routes of Leh, India.

The first H2 bus reached Leh on August 17 as part of 3-month-long process of field-trials, roadworthiness tests and other statutory procedures. This will be the India’s first ever deployment of H2 buses on public roads.

The first of its kind green H2 mobility project at 11,562 ft is co-located with dedicated solar plant of 1.7 MW for providing renewable power. The fuel cell buses are designed for operation in sub-zero temperature in rarefied atmosphere, typical to such altitude locations which is a unique feature of this project.

NTPC is committed to achieve 60 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2032 and be a major player in green H2 technology and energy storage domain. The company is taking up several initiatives toward decarbonization such as H2 blending, carbon capture, EV buses and smart NTPC townships.