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DNV releases guidelines to validate low-carbon and renewable hydrogen

DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, has announced the release of its new service specification, DNV-SE-0654, which delineates DNV's procedures for verifying claims made by companies about the production and distribution of low-carbon H2 and ammonia.

This new service will enable H2 producers to document and demonstrate compliance with applicable standards, ensuring the credibility and transparency of their claims, and allow for the validation of their systems or products based on specific characteristics – like the requirement to keep greenhouse gas emissions below a predetermined limit.

The specification encompasses advisory, verification, and validation services, covering diverse pathways of H2 production (including conventional, electrolysis-based and innovative methods), along with associated ammonia production linked to these H2 pathways.

By leveraging DNV's expertise and extensive knowledge in the field, companies can confidently navigate the complex landscape of renewable and low carbon H2 and H2 derivatives,” explained Hans Kristian Danielsen, Vice President for Business Development and Sales Enablement, Energy Systems at DNV. “Thanks to our trusted position, validation statements will serve as a valuable tool for H2 producers, enabling them to showcase their commitment to sustainability and meet the stringent requirements set by regulatory bodies.”

"We are thrilled to introduce this service specification, as building confidence in the industry will be essential to enabling the accelerated  of H2 and ammonia in the energy transition," said Jørg Aarnes, Global Lead for H2 and CCS, Energy Systems at DNV. "With the increasing demand for clean energy solutions, we need to establish a robust framework that provides the necessary assurance to stakeholders, facilitating the growth of the H2 economy."