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Taiwanese bus company orders Intelligent Energy H2 fuel cells

Intelligent Energy Limited receives order from Taiwan-based bus company, Tsai Ying Clean Energy Co. Ltd. (TYCE). TYCE is a specialist manufacturer of zero-emission buses and experienced in the use of H2 fuel cells, having previously developed the first fuel cell electric bus (FCEB) in Taiwan. Intelligent Energy, UK-based manufacturer of H2 fuel cells will supply its IE-DRIVE HD100 fuel cell systems to TYCE for its latest bus program focused on long-distance passenger transport.

The first fuel cell systems will be delivered to the Taiwanese company in September 2023 to support vehicle trials by the end of the year. TYCE selected IEL as their fuel cell supplier as the IE-DRIVE HD100 provides the best performance for the company’s new FCEB, including a range of 450 zero-emission km per day. As well as supplying the fuel cells, IEL will support TYCE in the integration of the fuel cells and during the validation trials in Taiwan.

Greg Harris, Chief Commercial Officer said, “Everyone at Intelligent Energy is excited to be working with TYCE on this innovative program. Our team we will be working closely with the engineers at TYCE on the integration activity and to maximize the performance and efficiency of our IE-DRIVE HD100 fuel cells in their new buses.”

Richard Wang, Chief Technology Officer at TYCE said, “We are pleased to be working with Intelligent Energy on our latest bus program using their next generation fuel cell systems in Taiwan. We will work together on road testing and validation trials using data from the H2 bus to further optimize the performance, stability, and durability of this fuel cell application.”

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