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Chart providing H2 compressors for Shanghai's H2 tube-trailers filling station

Howden has been selected by a large industrial gas company to supply cutting-edge H2 compression solutions for their upcoming project that will become the largest H2 tube-trailers filling station in Shanghai.

"We are delighted that our compression solutions will support Shanghai's largest H2 tube trailers filling station. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to working closely with customers, identifying the best H2 solutions, and has the potential to result in multi-stage H2 technology and equipment synergy orders for Chart’s entire H2 offering from gaseous to liquification,” said Jill Evanko, CEO and President of Chart Industries. “We are proud to support the energy transition and contribute to the advancement of a more sustainable world by delivering safe, cost-effective, and efficient H2 technologies."

The project is led by a large industrial gas customer who is teamed up with Shenneng Nanchang Energy Development Co. Ltd, and Chemical Industry District Investment Co. Ltd. It aims to accelerate the deployment of H2 energy in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region.

As part of a larger initiative, the project entails the development of extensive H2 facilities, which will initially utilize low-carbon H2 from the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone. The second phase will involve the construction of a H2 liquefaction plant, for which this Howden customer relationship builds the opportunity for a potential synergy liquefaction partnership.

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