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British H2 refueling technology exported to Australia, providing New South Wales its first commercial station

New South Wales launched the first commercial H2-powered refueling station, supplied by British business, Haskel, in partnership with Coregas at its H2 production facility at Port Kembla. The Coregas H2Station, installed on the Bluescope Steel site, will be used to fill heavy H2 fuel-cell powered vehicles, including HGVs, buses and refuse vehicles.

Haskel, based in Sunderland, UK, has provided Coregas with its turnkey GENO H2 refueling station solution. The refueling station is a reliable, high-capacity filling solution designed for highly demanding refueling profiles. It delivers a back-to-back filling experience, with the capacity to provide over 400 kg/d of H2. The system, optimized for Coregas, will take H2 from the production plant, compress it to 350 bar, and deliver it to a dispenser at the vehicle fueling station 50 meters away.

The Haskel compression technology for H2 vehicles delivers the same refueling ease as traditional petroleum and diesel refueling stations, making the transition as easy as possible for users.

Stewart Anderson, Haskel’s H2 Business Development and Technical Sales Manager (APAC) said, “Haskel are proud to be working with Coregas to support the adoption of H2 technology in Australia’s transport sector. We are pleased to collaborate on this ground-breaking project, bringing our extensive high pressure gas experience and expertise in the H2 mobility sector to Port Kembla.”

“We’re proud to be working with Haskel on Coregas’ H2Station, an industry-leading initiative,” said Alan Watkins, Executive General Manager at Coregas in Australia. “The Haskel H2 system features world-leading compression, storage and dispensing equipment specifically designed and optimized for H2Station. Transitioning our fleet to FCEVs is a cornerstone of the company’s decarbonization roadmap.”

Access to H2 fuel and refueling infrastructure are key enablers for the adoption of H2 as a zero-emission vehicle fuel alternative in the sector. After the successful launch of the first Haskel H2 refueling station on Australia’s West coast, this refueling station will start the transformation of the region’s transport environmental footprint by enabling the deployment of a fleet of H2-powered prime mover vehicles in the region.