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GAUSSIN and PLASTIC OMNIUM to accelerate the development of GAUSSIN's H2 port equipment range

GAUSSIN, a pioneer of clean and smart freight transport, announces the signature of a partnership agreement with PLASTIC OMNIUM, world leader in innovative solutions for a more connected and sustainable mobility, aiming at accelerating the development of GAUSSIN's H2 range with the integration of PLASTIC OMNIUM's complete H2 systems in APM vehicles. This partnership should increase the performance of GAUSSIN vehicles and accelerate their market launch. For PLASTIC OMNIUM, the agreement increases the scope of its technology and puts its know-how at the service of pioneers in zero-emission mobility.

The contract signed by GAUSSIN and PLASTIC OMNIUM provides for cooperation between the two players with a view to integrating PLASTIC OMNIUM's complete H2 systems into GAUSSIN's APM vehicles. Innovation is at the heart of this partnership and opens promising prospects, with a H2 solution for carbon-free mobility applications in ports.

Convinced since 2015 that H2 will play a decisive role in tomorrow's clean mobility, Plastic Omnium has invested more than €300 MM since 2015 to expand its expertise and industrial footprint across the H2 value chain. As the leader in this technology, Plastic Omnium plans to invest an average of €100 MM each year to reach €3 B in revenue by 2030.

These innovations, in the service of zero-emission mobility, position Plastic Omnium as a partner of choice for GAUSSIN for APM in the port sector. This agreement follows a similar strategic agreement in H2 with Plug Power in the logistics sector with the ATM vehicle.

Closed sites, and in particular ports, are perfectly suited to H2 ecosystems. Indeed, they are home to large vehicle fleets which, on their own, are sufficient to install a H2 production and distribution unit. GAUSSIN's AMP H2 port tractor is an immediate response to this clean mobility opportunity for the port sector.

“This partnership with PLASTIC OMNIUM is another important step in the development of GAUSSIN's range of H2 vehicles. While GAUSSIN was rewarded at the Monaco H2 Forum in 2022 for its H2 offer for port actors, the cooperation agreement with PLASTIC OMNIUM further strengthens our positioning, by enabling us to rely on the cutting-edge technology of this key partner in the automotive industry. This partnership should enable us to accelerate the market launch of our APM H2 range and maintain our technological lead in this key sector for tomorrow's clean mobility,” said Christophe Gaussin, CEO of GAUSSIN.