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Lhyfe launches digital platform helping H2 pioneers to deploy their projects

Lhyfe is seeking to facilitate access to the H2 market with the development of an online platform designed for project owners looking to implement H2 solutions or already in the process of switching to H2 and looking for suppliers.

Lhyfe has named its platform Lhyfe Heroes. For the company, these Heroes are the manufacturers who have already launched H2 vehicles and equipment on the market and the local authorities, logistics providers and transport companies who are pioneering H2 use. Energy transition needs these trailblazers who are working to tackle climate change on an everyday basis by limiting their CO2 emissions.

Lhyfe has designed this platform to support the efforts of these pioneers, because bringing hydrogen to end users first requires the creation of a complete ecosystem, uniting all players in the value chain, including hydrogen producers, fuel station developers, fuel distributors, vehicle manufacturers, and so on. By bringing together all these players within a single platform, Lhyfe is offering future H2 project developers a clearer vision and helping them to deploy solutions faster.

The Lhyfe Heroes platform is free for all users, whether they are looking for H2 solutions or whether they are H2 product suppliers such as H2 vehicle manufacturers. For its launch, Lhyfe has compiled a listing of some 100 or so solutions already available on the market. Product suppliers now have the possibility to become partners to edit the content of their supplier profile and add their products. In return, they will receive requests from potential customers who are interested in their products and will have access to the platform’s indicators. Becoming a partner is free, as Lhyfe’s aim is to provide the most exhaustive, accurate and up-to-date catalogue for future customers of hydrogen solutions. Three suppliers have already joined the project: the automotive manufacturer and innovative mobility provider Stellantis, the Portuguese developer of H2 stations PRF, and the motorsport company and retrofit specialist GCK.

Peter Kuhn, in charge of hydrogen development at Stellantis (Citroën, Peugeot and Opel), said, “Lhyfe Heroes is an extremely welcome initiative – as manufacturers and producers, we all face the same obstacles concerning the complexity of moving forward in a sector very much under construction. We are delighted to be part of this opportunity to simplify access to the hydrogen market.”

Matthieu Guesné, Founder and CEO of Lhyfe, said, “At Lhyfe, we have an obsession with moving fast because energy transition needs to happen now. We have designed Lhyfe Heroes to save time for the entire value chain. We call upon all players in the hydrogen chain to come and list themselves to speed up hydrogen transition and reduce our carbon emissions as quickly as possible.