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Siemens Energy statement about joining President Biden for AM Forward initiative

Rich Voorberg, President of North America for Siemens Energy, joined President Biden and a group of U.S. manufacturers at the United Performance Materials facility in Hamilton, OH to launch AM Forward (Additive Manufacturing Forward). AM Forward is an initiative designed to upgrade the capacity of America’s small and medium-sized manufacturers using additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

“It was an honor to join President Biden and executives from other companies in the energy and aerospace industries this afternoon to kick off the implementation of AM Forward. We believe that for our company and for the industry to remain competitive, we must have a robust supply chain in the U.S. producing and processing critical parts and components for the energy sector. AM Forward will help accelerate the adoption of 3D printing at scale, increasing the agility and resiliency of our supply chain and supporting good-paying jobs across the United States.

“Siemens Energy has been a pioneer and global leader in additive manufacturing for more than a decade. The company uses 3D printing at locations such as our Innovation Center in Orlando, FL, a global additive manufacturing hub that enables suppliers and customers to design, simulate, produce, and test prototypes using AM and other technologies. Because of our expertise, it was important to us to join the AM Forward initiative and continue to support suppliers in increasing additively produced parts, expanding training, accelerating standards development, and providing technical assistance.

“Siemens Energy is proud to be part of AM Forward. We are excited to work with government leaders and other companies to invest in the future of American manufacturing.”

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