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Lhyfe and Trelleborgs Energi to collaborate for renewable green H2 production in Sweden

Lhyfe and the Swedish local energy company Trelleborgs Energi have joined forces in a pre-study that aims to build a local renewable H2 production system in southernmost Sweden. Both companies are focusing on green H2 as a solution for climate change. The results are due to be presented in the summer 2022.

The initial study focuses on 5 MW of green H2 production capacity, in Trelleborg. The study covers the questions of energy supply, production capacity, technology selection and location, as well as utilization of waste heat and oxygen. Trelleborg is a major transport hub that will require H2 to supply refueling stations as well as to already ordered H2 vehicles. The number of heavy trucks passing through Trelleborg harbor is forecasted to increase from today’s 800,000 tpy, to 1.8 MM in 2026. Situated in the Öresund region, this project study in Trelleborg may contribute to securing H2 supply for both mobility and industry in efforts to reach zero carbon emissions. The utilization of waste heat and oxygen (a by-product of H2 production) is already being discussed with potential partners.

Lhyfe, which is counting among the world’s largest and most advanced players in the green H2 market with 93 projects in development in Europe (more than 4.8 GW of total installed capacity) and a first industrial plant inaugurated in September 2021, connects its production sites directly to local renewable energy sources to fuel local industry and mobility uses.

“We are proud to work hand in hand with Trelleborgs Energi, a company in a city that is putting green hydrogen on the Swedish map and above all also into action,” said Björn Arvidsson, Area Manager Nordics & UK at Lhyfe. “We share a common DNA: we both want to act now for the climate, with focus on renewable hydrogen. It is inspiring to collaborate to further propel the energy transition in the region.”

The joint pre-study will point towards an optimum initial set up to produce H2, using renewable electricity.

“We want to create sustainable energy solutions locally and renewable green hydrogen is part of that plan,” said Magnus Sahlin, CEO of Trelleborgs Energi. “Hydrogen is a clever, multi-purpose energy carrier and can play a part in solving the climate challenge. We believe in making a real difference, in walk the talk, and our renewable hydrogen initiative is one way of doing that.”

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