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HIF Global launches eFuels company in Germany

HIF Global continues its global expansion with the launch of HIF Europe, Middle East and Africa (HIF EMEA) headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with Armin Schnettler named as President and Thorsten Herdan as CEO of HIF EMEA.

HIF EMEA will anchor eFuels from HIF Global’s production facilities worldwide to the EMEA region beginning with the operations of the Haru Oni facility in late 2022 in Magallanes, Chile.

Furthermore, HIF EMEA will develop eFuel projects in the region for the region. César Norton, President and CEO of HIF Global said, “We are building a global presence and elite team to fight climate change and accelerate decarbonization. HIF EMEA, under the leadership of Armin Schnettler and Thorsten Herdan, will focus on providing carbon-neutral electricity-based fuels, also known as eFuels, to the EMEA region to speed up decarbonization and improve the security of energy supply.”

Armin Schnettler, President of HIF EMEA said, “We need many solutions to support the growing demand for energy worldwide in ways that reduce carbon emissions. When utilizing eFuels, which are produced from renewable electricity, hydrogen, and recycled CO2, we can further decarbonize the transport sector and significantly accelerate the hydrogen economy today in a way that is sustainable, competitive, and secure.”

“Innovative energy solutions and diversification are the heartbeat of the global economy and society. At HIF EMEA, we are preparing for deliveries of eFuels to Europe later in 2022, following the inauguration of the Haru Oni facility under construction today in Magallanes, Chile. The expansion of eFuels into European, Middle Eastern and African markets will bring renewable energy to millions of existing vehicles, ships and airplanes, without any modification to required infrastructure,” said Thorsten Herdan, CEO HIF EMEA.