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Hexagon Purus Maritime receives inaugural order for H2 cylinders for maritime applications

Hexagon Purus Maritime has received its inaugural order for cylinders to be used in onboard storage of H2 in maritime vessels. Hexagon Purus’ type 4 H2 cylinders will be used in onboard swappable storage containers for maritime vessels operating in the inland waterways in Europe. The value of the order is approximately €1.1 MM.

Driving Energy Transformation

“Our Type 4 high-pressure cylinders are at the core of what we do and with their corrosion resistance and long lifetime, the cylinders enable lower operational cost and total cost of ownership, which makes them ideal for maritime applications,” said Robert Haugen, Managing Director of Hexagon Purus Maritime. “This order represents an important commercial milestone for Hexagon Purus Maritime and lends further credence to our maritime strategy”.

About the market

Hexagon Purus combines maritime experience with extensive H2 storage expertise to provide a holistic approach to zero emission maritime solutions. Hexagon Purus is at the forefront of developing innovative H2 storage solutions with lightweight composite cylinders that are ideal for maritime applications.

Hexagon Purus’ H2 storage and distribution business is well-positioned to support the ambitious energy transition required in the maritime sector - and to take a global leading role for integrated products in the emerging maritime H2 market. Together with partners, Hexagon Purus can cover major parts of the maritime H2 value chain.


Delivery of the cylinders are scheduled for 4Q 2022.

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