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DATS 24 opens a public H2 filling station in Wilrijk

DATS 24, Colruyt Group's energy and fuel supplier, continues to play a pioneering role in the field of sustainable alternatives. In addition to its well-known commitment to CNG, it is also fully committed to electric driving. Electric cars also mean driving on H2. The opening of this public H2 station along the A12 motorway in Wilrijk is the starting shot for the opening of five new H2 stations in Belgium. Together with several partners, DATS 24 is also helping companies to introduce H2 cars into their fleets.

For DATS 24, H2 has strong potential as a sustainable fuel. In 2018 it launched the first fully integrated H2 filling station in Europe at its home base in Halle. Their second, new H2 station in Wilrijk next to the Cardoen site is now creating additional opportunities for companies and families in the Antwerp region. The intention is that H2 refuse lorries will soon be able to refuel here too. And the City of Antwerp is looking forward to this in the context of its sustainable mobility applications. Besides Wilrijk, in the coming months DATS 24 will be opening H2 stations in Haasrode, Erpe-Mere, Ollignies and Herve. This means that in the wide vicinity of these locations’ H2 is becoming a real option for the transport of people and goods.

H2 powered electric vehicles offer unique advantages

"Sustainability remains the guiding principle in everything we do. Both at Colruyt Group and at DATS 24. This means that we continue to invest in the production and distribution of renewable energy and fuels. The aim of DATS 24 is to make hydrogen as widely available as possible for the transport of people and goods," said Raf Flebus, Business Unit Manager of DATS 24. "Driving on hydrogen is driving electrically with, on top of that, a combination of unique advantages: a quick refill, emission-free driving and a guaranteed electric range of 650 to 700 km. All you need is a H2 filling station nearby. For many companies in this area this is now possible."

DATS 24 can count on the support of several partners. One of those partners is WaterstofNet, which unites the H2 industry in Flanders and the south of the Netherlands in the Hydrogen Industry Cluster.

Adwin Martens, Managing Director of WaterstofNet said, "An acceleration is needed to get society moving towards zero emissions. Green molecules such as hydrogen will play a crucial role in getting everyone on board. That is why we have ensured that this DATS 24 hydrogen station, quite a substantial investment, was co-financed within the Hydrogen Region 2.0 program of Interreg Flanders-Netherlands.”

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