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ClearSign wins grant from Department of Energy to develop a H2 fueled ultra low NOx process burner

ClearSign Technologies announced that it was awarded a government grant through the Small Business Innovative Research program with the Department of Energy.

The goal of this project is to develop ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) H2 burner technology which will enable the adoption of H2 fuel for industrial heating, leading to reductions in the industrial emissions of both CO2 and NOxs. Current burners and previous efforts to decarbonize industrial combustion processes through the utilization of H2 fuel are inhibited by the lack of industrial H2 burners capable of burning pure H2 while preventing additional NOx emissions.

“We are grateful to the DOE for this grant and for recognizing the potential of ClearSign Core technology to provide burners for the developing hydrogen economy, which has potential substantial global ramifications, while at the same time reducing the pollutant emissions necessary to maintain a healthy environment today,” said Jim Deller, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of ClearSign. “We have previously demonstrated our current ClearSign Core burner technology operating at full scale with over 80% hydrogen content in the fuel gas and are confident in our ability to provide low emissions burner technology to meet the needs of the developing hydrogen fueled industrial burner applications.”

The project and funding are in phases. The initial funding amount is approximately $250,000 and the project will last six months, starting at the end of June. If needed, and upon completion of the Phase 1 work, the company will be able to submit a follow-up proposal to continue the development work with a Phase 2 grant. Phase 2 grant funding can be up to $1.6 MM for a 2-year duration.