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California Hydrogen Coalition launches TV ad urging legislature to boost funding for H2 fueling stations

The California Hydrogen Coalition is launching an aggressive digital and television advertising campaign this week designed to win support in the California legislature for additional funding to develop H2 fueling stations across the state.

The Coalition has begun running a television ad promoting hydrogen cars to help meet Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2035 zero emission vehicle goals. With a six figure buy in the Sacramento area, the ad will run for about one month.

The 30-second television spot reads: “Reaching for a monumental achievement… is challenging. Like meeting our state’s ambitious climate goals. To get there, we will need a choice, because battery electric cars aren’t for everyone. Hydrogen-fueled cars fill up in minutes. And they go further. But we need more hydrogen fueling stations so we can go long distances without worries. We won’t achieve our climate goals without hydrogen. ACT NOW. Contact your legislator. Urge funding for more hydrogen fueling stations… so California can achieve its zero emissions future.”

The TV spot complements the Coalition’s other advertising campaign. Digital promotions have been running on local media websites as well as on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, featuring the same message. The Coalition also has billboards along major highways in Sacramento and at Sacramento International Airport.

The Coalition also has undertaken a grassroots campaign at fueling stations, signing up drivers to contact their legislators.

The Coalition is pushing for additional funding in the state budget for hydrogen fueling stations to help bolster massive private sector investments. It also is backing State Senator Josh Newman’s (D-Orange County) Senate Bill 1329 to expand the state’s H2 fueling network.

The California Hydrogen Coalition is dedicated to enabling California’s transition to zero emission vehicles by expanding the availability of reliable, convenient and affordable H2 fueling. Its members include Air Liquide, Chevron, FirstElement Fuel, Hyundai, Shell, and Toyota.

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