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BEH2YDRO launches 100% H2 engines for heavy-duty applications

At the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, BEH2YDRO will be launching its 100% H2 engines for heavy-duty applications. These innovative, zero emission engines are ready to use and will allow the industry to further engage in 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly development. BEH2YDRO is a JV between ABC and CMB.TECH.

After the successful launch of dual-fuel engines in September 2020, BEH 2 YDRO is now launching 100% H2 engines.

Dual fuel engines

Operating on 85% H2 gas and 15% conventional fuel, they make the owner or user less dependent on fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 85%! They can also be used flexibly when H2 is (temporarily) not available.

100% H2 engines

In recent years, however, BEH 2 YDRO has not rested on its laurels and has been working hard on an additional, completely new range of 100% H2 engines.

The pioneering BEH 2 YDRO H2 engines deliver 100% clean energy. They emit no harmful emissions such as CO2, nitrogen, sulfur oxides or soot particles. In addition, they are non-toxic and:

  • No use is made of scarce raw materials such as lithium, zinc, cobalt, platinum, rare earths
  • Avoid environmental damage caused by the extraction of scarce raw materials
  • They do not cause any damage to human health
  • The by-products are completely safe (the emissions consist of water vapor and air sucked in).

They also have a long service life, thanks to an optimized air/gas mixture that reduces component heat-up.

“With the launch of this monofuel hydrogen engine we are taking an important next step in the development of our BEH 2 YDRO engines. BEH 2 YDRO can now supply both dual fuel and mono-fuel hydrogen applications for a wide range of heavy industrial applications such as shipping, gensets, locomotives, etc. Thanks to BEH2YDRO we can already green a large part of the off-grid industry today,” said Alexander Saverys, CEO CMB.TECH.

Power and utilization

The innovative 100% H2 engine range has been developed for heavy duty applications and has a power range from 1 MW to 2.6 MW. These H2 engines are available in 6- and 8-cylinder in-line engines and 12- and 16-cylinder V-engines. As a main drive or in combination with an alternator, they are a reliable and 100% environmentally friendly source of energy for ships, drilling rigs or other marine applications. They are also ideally suited for driving locomotives.

In addition, the BEH 2 YDRO H2 engines are extremely versatile because they have no problem with slight impurities in the H2. For example, they can also be used to recover waste H2 instead of flaring it. The BEH 2 YDRO 100% H2 engines use proven technology and are designed to ensure long term and efficient operation. In addition to their long service life, they are also very easy to maintain. This saves costs and time for owners and operators.

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