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Permacand, RES to develop a commercial research center in green hydrogen plant

Permascand announced that the company has signed a LoI with RES for the co-development of a commercial research center in the green H2 plant RES is developing in Alby, Ånge Municipality, Sweden.

The purpose of the LoI is to continue the negotiations for the establishment and investment in a commercial research center for testing and evaluation of Permascands products in a production plant, which enables significant and important results for the project.

Peter Lundström, CEO at Permascand said, ”It is a very positive and interesting start that we jointly can contribute to a development project of this kind. It is in line with Permascand’s growth plan and the construction of a full-scale technology center to develop new technology for green H2 on the market, which is part of our quest for increased sustainability globally. The fact that the project also has a local connection makes it even more interesting.”

RES drives the development and establishment of a green H2 plant in Alby in the area designated by Ånge Municipality for establishment of power-intense industry. The goal is to be able to provide green H2 to the industry in a first stage, by the turn of 2024/2025. With a new grid connection, the facility will be gradually expanded on a larger scale by the turn of 2026/2027.

Matilda Afzelius, CEO at RES said, “This project is extremely important. We are at the forefront here and are contributing to a rapid transition to renewable energy. With this collaboration, we have the opportunity to do both local and global benefits. A sustainable future will benefit from more cross-border and innovative developments and collaborations like this.”

Sigrid Nord, development project manager at RES said, ”We are very excited with this collaboration opportunity together with Permascand in our work to make it possible to take the testing into a production plant to enable competitive green H2. We also see that this type of green energy system will be crucial in enabling the energy transition in the industry and that collaborations like these mean great benefits to succeed.”

The terms of the cooperation will be regulated in a possible future and binding agreement.

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