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P2X Solutions explores carbon-neutral propulsion options for maritime transport with Baltic Sea project financing

P2X Solutions, a pioneer in green hydrogen and P2X technology, has received a EUR 75,000 funding from the Bank of Åland’s Baltic Sea Project for the SH2ORE study to support significant emission reductions in maritime transport in the Baltic Sea. The study covers carbon-neutral propulsion options for maritime transport, their domestic production and business potential, as well as safety.

“The Baltic Sea needs new innovations and especially solutions with positive environmental impact potential. Therefore, it is important for us to support interesting initiatives like this,” says Anne-Maria Salonius, Director, Finnish Mainland Business Area, Bank of Åland and the Chair of the Baltic Sea Project.

P2X Solutions’ SH2ORE project aims to provide objective research data to support shipping companies and other industry operators in their future investment decisions. In addition, the study will enable P2X Solutions and other domestic green hydrogen producers to focus on the production of the most scalable, environmentally friendly, and safe fuels for maritime transportation. The study thus significantly supports the emergence of a low-carbon maritime value chain in the Baltic Sea region.

“The emission reduction potential in the Baltic Sea maritime transport is significant. Shipowners and other operators need a solid knowledge base to support their investments in carbon-neutral propulsion options, such as green hydrogen and derivative synthetic e-fuels, including e-methane, e-ammonia and e-methanol. Bank of Åland’s Baltic Sea Project funding enables the study of our SH2ORE project, which aims at sustainable and positive climate and environmental impacts in the Baltic Sea region,” says Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions.

P2X Solutions’ study will be carried out by an external contractor selected based on bids. The study is expected to be completed in autumn 2022.

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