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Enbridge Gas' Canadian H2-blending project is fully operational

Enbridge Gas Inc., in partnership with Cummins Inc. and with support from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and NGIF Capital Corp., revealed that the hydrogen-blending project is now fully operational and successfully serving the Markham community.

This $5.2 MM pilot-blending project involves enhancements to the existing Markham Power-to-Gas facility, which was built through an Enbridge-Cummins JV in 2018 to help balance Ontario's electricity supply and demand by storing the province's surplus electricity as pure hydrogen until it's needed.

Through this innovative project, clean hydrogen from the facility is now also being injected into a portion of Enbridge Gas' existing natural gas system serving about 3,600 end users in Markham, Ontario. Blending hydrogen with traditional natural gas reduces GHG emissions, enabling lower carbon natural gas service delivery without impacting energy costs, reliability, or safety.

This project will eliminate up to 117 t of CO2 emissions annually, moving the City of Markham further toward its objective of net-zero emissions by 2050, and is just one of many steps Enbridge Gas is taking as part of its overall commitment to help drive Ontario's transition to a clean energy future.

Additionally, the pilot project's success places Enbridge Gas in a position to validate and pursue larger-scale hydrogen-blending activities in other parts of its distribution system, strengthening the capacity for made-in-clean energy solutions.

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