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Spotlight on Asia

Global Projects Data

Lee Nichols, Vice President, Content/Editor-in-Chief

Gulf Energy Information’s Global Energy Infrastructure (GEI) database is tracking more than 1,400 active H2 projects around the world. Approximately 20% of these projects are in the Asia-Pacific region. Like other regions around the world, Asia is focused on various pathways to decarbonizing their respective economies. H2 production and usage is one avenue that many Asian nations are investing in to reach ambitious net-zero goals. Many of these initiatives include heavy investments in H2 production, H2 infrastructure and H2 fueling (e.g., road transport, marine shipping).  

At the time of this publication, the GEI database was tracking more than $350 B in H2 capacity and infrastructure over the next several years. Most H2 projects in the region are in Australia (46%), followed by China (13%) and India (12%)—Australia alone accounts for more than $185 B in H2 capital investments to 2035. When broken down by status, nearly 65% are still in the planning/proposal stage, followed by 17% in the feasibility study phase.H2T

FIG. 1. Total active projects by region.
FIG. 2. Market share of active projects in Asia.
FIG. 3. Active project market share in Asia by status.