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H2Tech: Global Projects Data

Lee Nichols, Vice President, Content/Editor-in-Chief

At the time of this publication, Gulf Energy Information’s Global Energy Infrastructure (GEI) database was tracking nearly 1,490 active H2 projects around the world. Approximately 80% of these projects are through a green pathway—i.e., renewable energy is used to produce H2. Following green H2 production, blue H2 holds a 15% market share in active projects. Regionally, Western Europe still dominates in active projects, representing nearly half of active project market share, followed by Asia and the U.S. In total, the GEI database is tracking approximately $2 T in active capital investments in the global H2 value chain.

FIG. 1. Total active projects by region.
FIG. 2. Market share of active projects by region.
FIG. 3. Market share by H2 production pathway.