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Editorial Comment: Investments in global H2 industry forecast to surge to 2050

Lee Nichols, Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher


One thing that is constant is change. Every person, company and industry will experience this throughout their existence. Like all these entities, H2Tech is not immune to change.

In late 2021, the publication’s Editor-in-Chief, Adrienne Blume, moved to a different position at a scientific magazine outside of the energy industry. Ms. Blume was the publication’s first Editor-in-Chief and was instrumental in its success over the past year. Those responsibilities have now passed to me. My new responsibilities will continue to keep the high editorial reputation of H2Tech.

It is our mission to publish the latest technologies, services and products to the global energy industries. This will always continue because it is needed to ensure the advancement of society and provide products and power that the world demands.

Industry acceleration

Although the global H2 sector has witnessed a surge in growth and prospects over the past 2 yr–3 yr, the best is yet to come. Most regions around the world are investing heavily to mitigate carbon emissions and reach net-zero emissions goals by 2050. However, these ambitious goals require a significant amount of capital. A recent report by Rethink Energy forecasts global H2 spending to reach $10 T through 2050 (FIG. 1). This surge in capital spending provides a path for nations to decarbonize their societies.

Fig. 1. H<sub>2</sub> market size and spending, 2020–2050. Source: ReThink Energy.
Fig. 1. H2 market size and spending, 2020–2050. Source: ReThink Energy.

Electrolyzer Handbook

To showcase the latest H2 production technologies, H2Tech has produced the first Electrolyzer Handbook. This technical resource provides commercially available electrolyzer technologies and product offerings in the global market. The handbook features 30 companies, with details on more than 65 electrolyzer products. The handbook contains detailed product descriptions, specifications, applications, advantages, economics and customized service offerings.H2T